Public Affairs 


We consider essential when facing public policy challenges, to have a solid advice regarding the design of multidisciplinary strategies that range from the technical definition of the challenge, to the determination of the courses of action for its resolution. We believe that a successful strategy requires, from the beginning, to consider legal, regulatory, communication and political environment aspects. 


Understanding the regulatory context in which our clients’ activities are carried out goes far beyond the monitoring of standard initiatives or the traditional mapping of actors. We provide strategic intelligence services that add expert analysis of information, allowing not only to face the contingency of the moment, but also to anticipate and contribute to the definition, together with our clients, of a forecast of the trends of the political and regulatory environment that could affect their commercial objectives. 


We see the public policy development process as a set of opportunities for industries. We advise our clients to contribute effectively in each of the stages of the public policy formation process, through an action plan aimed at managing dialogue instances with the key actors in decision-making. Likewise, we accompany them in their participation in public consultation instances and in communication spaces that allow them to position their industrial objectives in relation to the public policies under discussion. 


We have extensive experience in forming collaborative alliances that bring together industries with stakeholders, with the aim of designing joint strategies to face public policy challenges. That is, the management of industrial, union and commercial associations of a permanent nature, or else, temporary joint action for a certain specific purpose.