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Our highly recognized specialization in legal-economic matters, as well as our experience in crisis management and public affairs, allows us to provide advice that differs from the market by reconciling the strictly legal field with strategic advice and interest management. 

We have a recognized track record advising private and public clients in business development and public policy design in the main industries subject to regulation, such as energy, telecommunications, financial institutions and natural resources, among others. 

We provide an excellent service and personalized advice, delivering innovative and effective solutions for the particular needs of each of our clients. 

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We are a team made up of professionals with recognized experience in the private world and the public sector

We have led business associations and held relevant positions in the public sector. Our training, experience and specialization allow us to reconcile a specialized practice in regulated markets and antitrust matters, with a flexible offer in general corporate matters, strategic advice and interest management.

We are characterized by the involvement of our partners in each of the matters entrusted to us, placing our clients at the center of our work.

Our track record allows us to provide our clients with a unique, multidisciplinary and forward-looking experience in the fields of our expertise.

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Market Regulation Competition and Antitrust Energy and Natural Resources Tecnología, Medios y Telecomunicaciones (TMT) Public Affairs Trade Associations Complex Litigation Administrative Law and Concessions Corporate Law and External Legal Counsel Consumer Law

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